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withflaws. issue 10 launch!!


Issue 10 is ready and may possibly be the last one for a while. Join us at RedStar Fitness, an alternative gym in the valley for live music, vegan food and drinks!!

Bands include:
Kate Woodhouse: http://kate-woodhouse.bandcamp.com/releases
Hypnotic Bedrooms: https://www.facebook.com/hypnoticbedrooms
The Shakeouts: https://www.facebook.com/TheShakeouts
Black Deity: https://www.facebook.com/blackdeity69
Lizzard Wizzard: https://www.facebook.com/LizzardWizzardDoom

+ more to be confirmed

Entry is $5 this time round but includes free magazines on the door.

Strictly no BYO.


withflaws. issue 9 launch!

withflaws. issue 9 launch poster- A3

Issue 9 is ready to roll and will be released on the 20th of February. Join us to celebrate a new year, new issue and a new section; creative writing!To entertain us there will be a number of bands performing from 6pm- 10pm in Winn Lane, just in front of Atavist Books.

Bands include:
KILL FRANK- Emo rap without a facebook page. Will blow your mind.
LOW SEASON-https://www.facebook.com/lowseasonmusic
WOOLPIT- https://www.facebook.com/Woolpit
MAKEOUT CREEK-https://www.facebook.com/MakeoutCreek

More goodies to be announced soon!

Join the facebook event page HERE to keep up to date.

Love Up-Cycled: Handmade objects from the heart

Up-cycled Leather Feather Earrings by Nadine Schmoll of Spitfire Designs.

Up-cycled leather feather earrings by Nadine Schmoll of Spitfire Designs.

If you haven’t heard of it, which I hadn’t until recently, Reverse Garbage is a wonderful non-profit initiative in Woolloongabba that collects industrial discards and sells them for cheap, saving both the environment and the customer. Items sold can be used for art, jewellery making, set designing and many other creative endeavours.

This month Reverse Garage is holding a Valentines-themed exhibition in its warehouse – Love Up-cycled: Handmade objects from the heart. The exhibition will showcase 25 local Brisbane artists who up-cycle. Like recycle, but better. They’ll be presenting a range of love-themed gifts in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Or you could just treat yourself; you don’t need a relationship to buy jewellery, right? The exhibition runs for three weeks, but the free opening event is on Saturday the 8th of February, from 6:30-8pm. Brisbane duo The Phoncurves will be playing, there’ll be late-night shopping, free snacks (free snacks!) and a cash bar.

Nadine Schmoll, the face behind Spiritfire Designs, is one of the artists exhibiting at Love Up-cycled, and she’s also Reverse Garbage’s Workshop Co-ordinator and Board Director. Nadine’s been a long-time customer at Reverse Garbage and she finds salvaged materials inspire the art she creates.

“They set the framework for my art to occur. Using salvaged materials means I need to let the process be guided by what I have available to me at the time, as I try to use as many up-cycled elements as possible. The actual process of finding materials is also very inspiring – it may spark an idea, a colour theme or experimentation,” she said.

“As a workshop facilitator, I am also very passionate about educating and inspiring others to re-use in a creative way. I hope that by setting an example, I can inspire others to make small changes to reduce their own impact on the environment.”

At the exhibition Spiritfire Designs will be selling leather feather earrings, mini dream catchers, chandelier crystal & fabric flower hairpins and bow ties, all made from re-used materials.

Up-cycled dreamcatchers by Nadine Schmoll of Spitfire Designs.

Up-cycled dreamcatchers by Nadine Schmoll of Spitfire Designs.

Self-taught artist and veteran user of salvaged materials, Samantha Gilkes of Jetta’s Nest will be exhibiting at her fifth Reverse Garbage exhibition. Samantha’s been re-using materials for 15 years now, aided by her carpenter husband and a friend who owns a mobile saw-mill.

“I first started using salvaged wood pieces to paint on after painting a mural on a wooden dining table for a friend.  The wood I used was quite hard for me to source then but after meeting my husband it became something I had ready access to so I stuck with it,” she said.

Jetta’s Nest will be selling a number of salvaged wood wearable art jewellery pieces, including brooches and necklaces as well as cards made from recycled card stock.

If you miss the opening, the exhibition will run from February 8-28, Monday to Saturday from 9-5 at Reverse Emporium, Reverse Garbage, 20 Burke St, Woolloongabba.


Myth: Poetry Exists In A Bubble, Away From The Real World

Photo thanks to Martin Ingle. Taken at Ruckus Slam December 2013.

Photo thanks to Martin Ingle. Taken at Ruckus Slam December 2013.

Many people continue to turn a blind eye to the Brisbane poetry network, often regarding it as boring and pompous. The greatest misconception being that poetry is not a part, nor worthy of being a part of the Pop Culture scene. This stance needs to change, but so does the scene.

Spoken Word, in particular open mic nights are seldom found in Brisbane and arguably Australia. However, what is on offer, does not feign quality or intrigue. Yelling and foot stomping and galloping and awe-inspiring words and humans and minds, are the bones of the atmosphere. There is a boy in Brisbane who brings his guitar and reads amongst his own sounds. There is Kiera, a bearded trans lady who rhymes each simple sentence she writes with expression that tells a clear story. It is a special occasion to be surrounded by like-minded humans sharing a part of themselves. It is saddening to see fewer and fewer punters and watch the rooms creep quieter and quieter.

The anticipation and acceptance of poetry, both written and spoken has seen a dramatic decline over the past few decades. Now there is a lack of those with the desire to promote quality and creativity through public appeals and therefore progress culture and talent. Is it a coincidence we find ourselves in the midst of one of the greatest social rivalries to date, analogue v digital while our appreciation for the arts in its natural state dwindles? Well, that’s another argument for another article.

A thriving scene like New York is a good example. The 1930’s through 50’s proved the times for the “Abstract Expressionists.” Poets and visual artists alike worked loyally and intimately – while the non-creatives awaited showcases and openings as eagerly as the artists themselves. Then again in the 60’s with pioneers such as Lou Reed, Bob Holman and even Allen Ginsberg all devouring the opportunity to create a stage for the creators. Holman has been described by Henry Louis Gates Jr. in The New Yorker as “the postmodern promoter who has done more to bring poetry to cafes and bars than anyone since Ferlinghetti.”

But the present day poetry scene of New York is at its most inspired and sought after. There is no shying away or discrimination or anti-minded humans with a scrunched nose and raised eyebrow. It is as much of a community as the Super Bowl is today, as it was 50 years ago.

A leaf from a book Brisbane desperately needs to read.


withflaws. magazine issue 8 launch!

Event poster 2

Come and celebrate the launch of the 8th edition of withflaws.! Music and food will be in abundance and the zine will be for sale on the day! The event is being held at a new space in West End called Blackwall. Check out the facebook event page for all the details: CLICK ME