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withflaws. issue 9 launch!

withflaws. issue 9 launch poster- A3

Issue 9 is ready to roll and will be released on the 20th of February. Join us to celebrate a new year, new issue and a new section; creative writing!To entertain us there will be a number of bands performing from 6pm- 10pm in Winn Lane, just in front of Atavist Books.

Bands include:
KILL FRANK- Emo rap without a facebook page. Will blow your mind.
LOW SEASON-https://www.facebook.com/lowseasonmusic
WOOLPIT- https://www.facebook.com/Woolpit
MAKEOUT CREEK-https://www.facebook.com/MakeoutCreek

More goodies to be announced soon!

Join the facebook event page HERE to keep up to date.

Drawing Boards Australia: An Introduction


Drawing Boards have long been a supporter of withflaws. Not just your typical skateboard company, Drawing Boards travel to remote Australian communities you may never of heard of, not with the sole purpose to promote their boards and team, but to provide fresh opportunities to kids living in these areas through demos and workshops, most often resulting in giving aways free skateboards to those that attend. The majority of these tours are conducted in school holidays and consist of the skate team driving hundreds of kilometres into the dusty, Australian outback.

One of the main faces behind Drawing Boards, Donny Fraser, was happy enough to introduce the current team:

We’ve had Ivan Vargas since he was 17, he’s our longest team rider and will soon have his own deck model out, no one’s worked harder for us. Our support for each other crosses over into our personal lives; when we move houses we make sure we stay in the same area as each other so we can skate as much as possible.

Ivan Vargas

Ivan Vargas

Then we’ve got Flynn Bundy who had to come on tour before he was even on the team. When one of our team riders couldn’t make it for a tour out West we found flynn down at Coorparoo skatepark. Flynn shreds and really pushes a lot of the other guys forward and into progression again.

Ratty Dawg is one of the newest guys on the team. He is a crazy hippy kid, amazing skater, and the most positive person i’ve ever met, he brings the vibe. It took 2 years before I approached him to ride for us as he was such a wild drifter.

Shari Lawson is rad; having a girl on the team is heaps of fun, especially on tour. We rock up to a demo and the local guys have a look and a little giggle to themselves about us bringing a girl, then she absolutely flogs them in the bowl and puts them to shame. Surprise killer!! She’s broken her back and ankle and allsorts and just powers on!

Then we’ve got Will Kitely from Perth, Found the guy through Outer Limitz skate shop in Perth. We flew will over for a tour and he’s a perfect fit for the team, also determined as all hell to skate. Within 2 days of sponsoring him he went out and 360 flipped this rail in Perth. No messin about. This boys got a bright future with us.

Finally, we have Oscar. Oscar is our first bowl rider, park monstrosity. I’ve never seen someone with so much board control. The kid’s only 16 and he is doing things he shouldn’t be doing on a skateboard. Oscar’s starting a tattoo apprenticeship now so i imagine when he’s lurking around Brisbane next he’ll be a lot more colourful.

Oscar Somerville

Oscar Somerville

Back home, Drawing Boards products and skateboards are only stocked in skate shops which match the company’s community ethic. To find out more visit their WEBSITE and check out the next printed issue of withflaws. for the skateboarding feature supported by Drawing Boards team riders.