withflaws. magazine issue 8 launch!

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Come and celebrate the launch of the 8th edition of withflaws.! Music and food will be in abundance and the zine will be for sale on the day! The event is being held at a new space in West End called Blackwall. Check out the facebook event page for all the details: CLICK ME


Not Another Election Article

Well we know where all of the LNP's money is going, into a once a week mail drop.

Well we know where all of the LNP’s money is going, into a once a week mail drop.

Understanding that there are currently hundreds of articles and social media comments regarding the Australian Federal election, I am going to try and keep this brief. The main reason I feel such a strong urge to join in on the election brawl is to motivate people, particularly the younger demographic, to exercise their full democratic right to vote.

All of the independent blogs and news platforms claiming “Abbott will be Prime Minister in X days” are just as bad as the Murdoch newspapers claiming Kevin Rudd is the devil. What sort of motivation and hope does this give the people of Australia, particularly the young audience who read such independent blogs? Sure the polls are saying that this is the case, but they are only polls. Furthermore, most often than not, these polls are run by organisations who are far from objective in their political views.

As you know, in order to win power in government, a political party such as LNP must win a majority of 150 seats in the House of Representatives. I can only hope that the number of videos and quotes floating around social media in the last few weeks has deterred anyone from even thinking about voting for this party and their sexist, racist and homophobic leader. Alas, if you do believe in the polls, please use your democratic power in your Senate vote by taking the time to number all of the boxes. If you vote BELOW THE LINE and number your candidate preferences from 1-82 your vote will NOT be wasted, as many people flippantly say. This is due to Australia’s preferential voting system.

More LNP. Where are The Greens? Also, what am I being patient with? LNP's spam mail each week perhaps? Seeing Abbott's face too many times a day?

More LNP. Where are The Greens? Also, what am I being patient with? LNP’s spam mail each week perhaps? Seeing Abbott’s face too many times a day?

There is a whole lot of jargon floating around the media surrounding elections and politics that understandably turns people off reading about it. Preferential voting is one of these terms that has the potential to not be fully understood, so I hope the above link helps to outline it. Australia is one of the only countries in the world that conducts this style of voting. Even so, many Australians ignore this option and believe that voting for an independent party or The Greens is a waste of time and focus on the idea that Australia is a two party system. Using the images I have uploaded for support, it is easy to see why so many bang on about only two parties, as it is only these two major parties which have the money to be seen by the public eye, oh, and Clive Palmer..

Those close to me have warned against watching the included Titanic II video as it may have some sort of hypnosis affect.

Those close to me have warned against watching the included Titanic II video as it may have some sort of hypnosis affect.

Standing by what you believe in is not a waste of time. If you number 1-82 in your Senate vote, you will help elect a range of voices, including independents, to scrutinise legislation put forward by our next Prime Minister. If our government does end up being run by LNP, don’t let them gain a majority in the Senate also. Also, in numbering 1-82, your vote doesn’t go towards the party’s preference (eg. Greens vote goes to Labour) instead, your vote is determined by YOUR preferences. If you do choose to go down this path, don’t leave any boxes blank as this will void your vote.

To help you independently decide who to vote for, I have linked the main parties policies here: Labour, LNP and The Greens. These websites will give a better idea of what each party stands for as it is hard to pin point their policies when all we see in mainstream media are little bitch fights over who can be the bigger demon (in regards to asylum seekers, for example).

It is evident that some people are scared of voting for The Greens as they don’t believe their policies are realistic. Though it could be said that most of these people are just regurgitating information they heard through chinese whispers. Taking mining companies as an example, it is well known that The Greens stand for environmental protection, though this doesn’t mean they are instantly going to shut down all of Australia’s mines if they came into power. Unlike the Liberal National Party (as seen in the case of Campbell Newman), The Greens aren’t looking to put a large portion of Australia’s population into unemployment. Instead, they will move to a “clean, innovative, highly educated economy,” investing in new jobs for a progressive nation. Seeing as Australia is a first world nation, shouldn’t we be aiming for the standard of sustainability places like Germany hold? How much longer can these Liberals hide their heads in the rocks, thinking that there is an everlasting supply of natural resources?

I will end here as I claimed this was going to be brief. I just wished to outline that by using our preferential voting system no vote is a wasted vote. Furthermore, we don’t have a two party system in Australia, if you don’t want LNP to hold full power in parliament, preference the full range of independent parties ahead of these buffoons this Saturday. Also, if you aren’t enrolled, I don’t want to hear a single complaint out of you after the votes are counted.


Twice Shy + Foxsmith = Shy Fox

BuffaloMountainsSeana Seeto is a local freelance graphic designer who makes expressive, bold and colourful art. She describes herself as shy, but her creative collective Twice Shy and clothing/art store Shy Fox are anything but.

Seana founded Twice Shy with her uni friends Laura Packer and Nic Fornasier as a way to collaborate their different strengths in design, animation and film. With Twice Shy, Seana freelances for a bunch of Brisbane bands including Foxsmith, Mega Ogre and Little Buffalo.

Her clothing and art label Shy Fox started up earlier this year, and thus far sells handmade pocket tees, screen printed t-shirts, painted skate decks and prints. She began the store with Charlie from Foxsmith, and the name was a mash-up between their two projects. Shy Fox has a stall at the Young Designer’s Markets in Southbank on the first Sunday of each month.

FuFoxDeckSeana loves the process of turning pencil and paper into a digital illustration. She generally hand draws all of her work, scans it and goes “crazy in Photoshop with my beloved Wacom tablet.”

She’s had a passion for drawing since her childhood.

“One of my earliest memories is winning a Hungry Jack’s voucher for my crayon drawing of Simba from The Lion King – I think this is still a crowning achievement of my life!” Seana said.

Seana long harboured a desire to be an animator, but believing herself to be too impatient, she studied Communication Design at university. Doing so, she realised she wanted to merge her love for illustration with graphic design.

“So I did just that, and worked on developing my style to what it is now… a mix of weird characters, vibrant colours and textures.”

The cosy size of Brisbane’s creative scene has its challenges, but Seana is grateful for its tight-knit nature.

“I do like how there is always a probability of two-degrees of connection between everyone!”

And what are her plans for the future?

“Just working on expanding Shy Fox with some new designs and exciting new ideas, as well as keepin’ on with my band artwork. I’m also working on putting out a new zine of characters I’ve been creating lately. And I’m always on the lookout for new projects to have fun with!”



A Gathering of Independent Publishing Enthusiasts

1376382463Thanks to an extremely passionate group of locals, Brisbane is set to host a huge array of talented artists and writers in it’s first ever Zine and Independent Comic Symposium, lovingly nicknamed ZICS. As the name suggests, ZICS will be providing a whole weekend of conferences and workshops focused around independent publishing. The event will open this coming Friday the 30th of August at The Edge with a launch party featuring The Bedroom Philosopher. Over the following two two days, artists and writers will have stalls set up with their personal creations available for sale or to trade. Workshops from paper making to self publishing mentoring will be held all afternoon starting at 1.30pm. ALL workshops are free (bar Papermaking which is $16 and a booking must be made via zics.bris@gmail.com). Head to the facebook event HERE to check out the program and see which workshops suit your needs and interests.


In order to run the event, the organisers set up a ‘pozible’ campaign, offering prizes and rewards to members of the community who helped fund the event. The deadline to donate has now passed, in total raising $8341, just over their target of $8000 to keep the event alive. ZICS is 100% not for profit and run by volunteers. These funds help to cover venue hire, support guest speakers and workshop presenters. The below video will introduce you to some of the energetic organisers and give you a feel for the event.

If you live in Brisbane, don’t miss this amazing event and celebration of creativity and hard work. THIS weekend, Friday the 30th to Sunday the 1st of September at The Edge, near the State Library of Queensland on Southbank.



Drawing Boards Australia: An Introduction


Drawing Boards have long been a supporter of withflaws. Not just your typical skateboard company, Drawing Boards travel to remote Australian communities you may never of heard of, not with the sole purpose to promote their boards and team, but to provide fresh opportunities to kids living in these areas through demos and workshops, most often resulting in giving aways free skateboards to those that attend. The majority of these tours are conducted in school holidays and consist of the skate team driving hundreds of kilometres into the dusty, Australian outback.

One of the main faces behind Drawing Boards, Donny Fraser, was happy enough to introduce the current team:

We’ve had Ivan Vargas since he was 17, he’s our longest team rider and will soon have his own deck model out, no one’s worked harder for us. Our support for each other crosses over into our personal lives; when we move houses we make sure we stay in the same area as each other so we can skate as much as possible.

Ivan Vargas

Ivan Vargas

Then we’ve got Flynn Bundy who had to come on tour before he was even on the team. When one of our team riders couldn’t make it for a tour out West we found flynn down at Coorparoo skatepark. Flynn shreds and really pushes a lot of the other guys forward and into progression again.

Ratty Dawg is one of the newest guys on the team. He is a crazy hippy kid, amazing skater, and the most positive person i’ve ever met, he brings the vibe. It took 2 years before I approached him to ride for us as he was such a wild drifter.

Shari Lawson is rad; having a girl on the team is heaps of fun, especially on tour. We rock up to a demo and the local guys have a look and a little giggle to themselves about us bringing a girl, then she absolutely flogs them in the bowl and puts them to shame. Surprise killer!! She’s broken her back and ankle and allsorts and just powers on!

Then we’ve got Will Kitely from Perth, Found the guy through Outer Limitz skate shop in Perth. We flew will over for a tour and he’s a perfect fit for the team, also determined as all hell to skate. Within 2 days of sponsoring him he went out and 360 flipped this rail in Perth. No messin about. This boys got a bright future with us.

Finally, we have Oscar. Oscar is our first bowl rider, park monstrosity. I’ve never seen someone with so much board control. The kid’s only 16 and he is doing things he shouldn’t be doing on a skateboard. Oscar’s starting a tattoo apprenticeship now so i imagine when he’s lurking around Brisbane next he’ll be a lot more colourful.

Oscar Somerville

Oscar Somerville

Back home, Drawing Boards products and skateboards are only stocked in skate shops which match the company’s community ethic. To find out more visit their WEBSITE and check out the next printed issue of withflaws. for the skateboarding feature supported by Drawing Boards team riders.



New Release from Dumbsaint

The Auteur

Dumbsaint are post rock masters from Sydney, Australia. Not only do they write attention grabbing instrumental numbers, each member (now only four of them) also contributes to shooting and editing short films to accompany their tracks and live performance. This brings greater weight to their musical creativity and allows the story of their songs to unravel with  ease.

To support their first release in over a year, ‘The Auteur’, Dumbsaint will be playing shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and the Gold Coast alongside post-metal quintet, HELM. The single will be available for download through Bird’s Robe Records on the 26th of August, along with an original short film and three audio remixes.

Here is something to get you started…



Light Sensitive

Light Sensitive

Southside Tea Room is one of the pioneering cafes that are making Brisbane suburbs livable and loveable again. If pro coffee, cake, chips and dip, a cocktail or home made ice blocks enjoyed in a ‘so kitschy it’s good’ setting, hasn’t been reason enough to make your way to Morningside, then the opening night of Light Sensitive, Southside Tearoom’s first photography showcase should be!

Lucinda Wolber is curating another show for the café owned and run by Patience Hodgson and John Patterson of indie rock fame, The Grates. An artist in her own right, Lucy has once again channeled her creativity to deliver a sophisticated exhibit of engaging imagery from eight Brisbane photographers.

Lawrence Arnold

Lawrence Arnold

Being lucky enough to steal a sneak peak of the works that will be on display and for sale  – you will be won over by the eclectic mix of talent on show.

Exploring the concept of identity through figurative narratives, photographers Dominique Elliot, Elisabeth Willis, Hamish Lang, Chris Proud, Lawrie Van Hoff, Brendon Grove, Lawrence Arnold and Pierce Eldridge have captured their personal interpretation of the subject matter, each with their unique approach to their art form.

Elisabeth Willis

Elisabeth Willis

Join us this Friday the 2nd of August from 6pm for a stellar opening night event.

Even though your GPS might have to spell out Wynnum Road because the word is so foreign, it’s actually just around the bend from Wooloongabba.

The duration of the show will run for 2 weeks and is not to be missed.

Light Sensitive

Photography exhibition curated by Lucinda Wolber

Facebook Event

Opening night 6pm

Friday 2nd August 2013

Southside Tearoom

639 Wynnum Road, Morningside