Green Printing

Due to withflaws. being a publication which supports green and sustainable living, the time was taken to ensure that the least amount of damage was inflicted on the environment as possible throughout the printing process. Though originally going down the path of printing on 100% recycled paper, further research and helpful pointers from Matt at Big & Little Media indicated that this definitely wasn’t the greenest option. Recycled stocks actually have a far greater carbon footprint due to the shipping of post consumer waste back to the mills, additional processing and so forth. The stock we have chosen to print withflaws. on does not use pulp that has been derived from virgin forest mixed tropical hardwood. The wood used is only purchased from sustainable forestry practices.

On top of this, withflaws. has nominated to offset carbon usage. This enables the publication to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions produced during the production of the paper and printing process. The money paid for this carbon offsetting goes towards projects that reduce emissions and create cleaner energy. withflaws.’ carbon offset will go towards projects like the Hanuman Biomass Renewable Energy Project.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a limited copy of withflaws., please hold onto it as a collectable item, pass it on to a friend or, if you really really feel the need to in the end.. recycle.


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