withflaws. magazine wouldn’t exist without this  small group of passionate people who conduct interviews and write articles. Please check out the links accompanying their name and follow their own personal projects.

CHRISTOPHER TOPPING- Guitarist of Only Sleeping.

GEORGIE BEWES- Artist, writer and creator of Finding Levi and editor of WISEenough.

ALEXANDRA WINTERS- Amazingly talented freelance visual artist, producer and curator.

KYLE ZENCHYSON- Freelance writer, content and SEO guy AND a drummer/guitarist/vocalist combo in The Shakeouts.

SACHA TAYLOR- DJ under the name of Frankie Trouble and also dreams of a sustainable future at Common Ground.

BONNIE GRAHAM- Our resident fashion designer scout and writer, currently finishing a degree in Fine Arts/Fashion at QUT.

TAIJA MARIE DAVIS- Poetic writer and word wanderer at Atlas Captain.

LUCY SMITH- Heavenly vocalist in Ethelred.

ANDY MESSENGER- Independent news hunter and gatherer at 4zzz.

NICK BANNER- Director and video guy at Apex Productions.


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